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Employing a strategy around simply reducing the cost of goods can be easily unraveled and is unpredictable in the global economy. Alternately, patent protected products offer a substantial barrier to undesired competition and a pathway to sustainable profits.

Pisgah Labs’ technology has commercial benefits ranging from new product offerings that can sustain, even save, a franchise to those that form the basis for start-up enterprises to IPO enhancements. Currently, Pisgah Labs’ technology applications are greater than those which can be practically considered by our management. Hence, Pisgah is highly motivated to engage in patent licensing opportunities to companies with strong branding strategies.

The patent licensing process is often perceived as burdensome and expensive. Pisgah’s intentions are to alleviate these concerns and to license specific product embodiments encompassed within its patent coverage in exchange for a negotiated royalty.

Additionally, Pisgah is available to assist with product development and manufacturing services to best facilitate the expansion of the technology into commercially viable products. Products emanating from patent-protected intellectual property have the resilience and legal protection to withstand the severe competition and un-level playing fields encountered in today’s global marketplace. The market strength of these products is further supported by the brand recognition and strategy the licensee uses to implement the product launch. Cooperative, collaborative and synergistic licensing opportunities are a key to both our and our partners’ financial survival.

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