Reacting for a Healthy Life


We Bring Substantial Expertise and Assets.
  • Intellectual Property
  • Technology Platform
  • Proven Technology
  • Multiple Therapeutic Categories
  • Modified Release Properties (includes Delivery Mechanisms)
  • Differentiated Products
  • Solid Oral Dose Presentations
  • Abuse Deterrent¬†Features
  • Anti-Dose Dumping
  • Appropriate for 505(b)(1) and 505(b)(2) Products
  • Regulatory Advantages
  • Exclusivity Periods
  • Orange book listings
  • Patient Benefits
  • Barriers to Entry

Our Assets include:

Controlled Substance / Abuse Deterrence 
  • Salts of Physiologically Active and Psychoactive Alkaloids and Amines Simultaneously Exhibiting Bioavailability and Abuse Resistance (plus 3 divisional filings
  • Improved Drug Safety with Intrinsic Markers
  • Opioid Salts and Formulations Exhibiting Anti-Abuse and Anti-Dose Dumping Properties
Modified Release

Drug Release Properties of Pharmaceutical Drug Substances

Enhanced Stability

Improved Chemical and Physical Properties of Thyroid Hormone Organic Acid Addition Salts

Related Technology

Physical States of a Pharmaceutical Drug Substance

Physical States of a Pharmaceutical Drug Substance (CIP)