Reacting for a Healthy Life

Research for Results.

Focused research and development arise from Pisgah’s manufacturing heritage, and we believe that true success happens when commercial opportunity is consummated with an inventor’s dream to yield a product offering.

Pisgah’s R&D activities are focused on final dose products wherein product protection and value is enhanced by new patent protected performance features. Additionally, these drug substance modifications have led to discoveries for new engineered excipients and manufacturing techniques useful in providing features, advantages, and benefits to a variety of pharmaceutical products of various presentations and therapeutic category.

Beginning with the API, Pisgah’s integrated approach matches the chemistries of the drug substance and the drug product with the intended performance features when administered to a patient.

This vertical integration approach addresses a number of factors commonly required in regulatory submissions: safety, efficacy, stability, packaging compatibility, drug release profile and delivery mechanism, among others.

Pisgah’s technology is available to support a branding strategy leading to patent protected products.