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The growing practice of drug abuse, particularly of oxycodone, the active ingredient in OxyContin®, is widely recognized. OxyContin® is a legitimate and necessary narcotic for treating pain, yet the statistics show that its abuse is wide-spread.

Pisgah Labs provides a technology platform integrated to provide intellectual property protection to modifications of drug substances and to substantially improving the performance features of drug products. This enabling technology provides pre-determined release properties designed into the drug substance and wherein various drug delivery mechanisms can be implemented to provide stable and efficacious product presentations. We focus on abuse deterrence, anti-dose dumping and track and trace technologies

Abuse Deterrence

Our technology utilizes organic acid addition salts of amine-containing compounds which exhibit anti-abuse properties while providing for bio-availability of the drug substance when the drug product is used in a manner consistent with its intended route of administration, but which is otherwise bio-unavailable if abused. In other words, our technology enables drug products to work by the intended route of administration while prohibiting abuse by those who might abuse them through other means. Because of a unique dissolution property, an abuser cannot crush or otherwise extract the active opioid ingredient for illicit or illegal use, nor can those compounds be rapidly absorbed through the mucosal membranes.

Anti-dose dumping

Secondly, Pisgah Labs’ provides a pharmaceutical formulation technology which imparts unique anti-dose dumping properties to drugs in the presence of alcohol. Simply put, our technology provides a means to achieve therapeutic levels of medically prescribed opioids, while preventing the “rush” obtained by the co-administration with alcohol. In short, abusers will not be able to achieve a high “on demand” because the dosage does not “dump” the entire amount of narcotic when taken with alcohol.

Track & Trace

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