Reacting for a Healthy Life

Track & Trace

The FDA has mandated that drug manufacturers and distributors, prescribers and pharmacists all work together to begin to solve the growing controlled substance abuse problem in this country. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies and teams are already at work to create a coordinated effort. Part of Pisgah Labs’ contribution is a technology at the API level that provides a means to perform unique and company-specific cradle to grave tracking of the active ingredient, the site of product formulation, the formulated product and distribution channel right down to the unit dosage itself.

Pisgah Labs takes drug abuse seriously and our response is to combine 30 years of sound, proven chemistry with the application of innovative intellectual property creation. We have filed patents that create solutions to the growing abuse problem while allowing prescription drug formulations to remain efficacious for the intended user. With Pisgah Labs’ collaboration and a company’s smart branding, our technology can significantly reduce the instances of prescription drug abuse.

Currently, Pisgah Labs is prosecuting the following applications through the US PTO:

  • Physical States of a Pharmaceutical Drug Substance
  • Physical States of a Pharmaceutical Drug Substance, CIP
  • Salts of Physiologically Active and Psychoactive Alkaloids and Amines Simultaneously Exhibiting Bioavailability and Abuse Resistance
  • Improved Drug Safety with Intrinsic Markers
  • Drug Release Properties of Pharmaceutical Drug Substances
  • Improved Chemical and Physical Properties of Thyroid Hormone Organic Acid Addition Salts
  • Opioid Salts and Formulations Exhibiting Anti-Abuse and Anti-Dose Dumping Properties
  • Abuse Deterrent and Anti-dose Dumping Pharmaceutical Salts Useful for the Treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder